World Mental Health Day

10th October 2021
The children in the Ministry of Well-being helped to organize a week of activities in school to help raise everyone' awareness of how to support our mental health.
We looked at the five strategies that we can use to support our mental heath and the children in the ministry decided to focus on encouraging everyone to try new things. They set everyone in school the challenge of trying ten new things in a week!
WE all tried to dress in green (the colour for mental health) on Friday! 
Everyone who completed the Well-being Try New Things Challenge was invited to the Well-being Tea Party to celebrate.
These are some of the things different children created! 
These are some of the new foods we tried.
These are some of the new very impressive words we learnt!
 These are some of the new foods we tried!
Between us, we tried sots of new games, including chess, Othello, Guess Who, Monopoly, Booby Trap and Uno
Some of the new places we went!