Blue Home Learning 6th July

Hello Blue Class. We hope you have had a wonderful weekend making use of playgrounds, attractions and being able to visit another household. If you are still shielding or staying in, we hope you have had a lovely weekend in the sunshine without rain interfering. 
This week the link to all the learning tasks are on the Google Classroom Blue Class stream.
To access it, you need to type in your email (Chrome Book) details eg. and your password before clicking on Google Classroom.  If the icon isn't visible in the 9 dot waffle, try going to gmail -it won't let you access email, but from there you will be able to see the Classroom icon in the 9 dot waffle. 
The zoom meeting on monday afternoon will be using a document in the Classroom folder. More information is in the Zoom invitation email.
If you have any problems, please be in touch. The system is new to staff as well, so we are trying to find out different ways of uploading, accessing and sharing files with you. Be patient with us!
We hope you have a good week and that you enjoy writing articles for our Blue Class Happy Magazine.
Let us know what you are up to and stay safe and well until we can all be back together. We miss seeing all of you.
Miss Meredew and Mrs McGregor :) :) 
What have you been up to? Send us some photos to share them here.