Class One page

Welcome to Class 1.
Mrs Brown teaches in Class 1 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Mrs Hayes teaches in Class 1 on Thursday and Friday.
Our teaching assistants, during the week, are Mrs Wiseman, Mrs Burge, Mrs Dale and Mrs Cambridge.
Our topic this term is Once upon a time.
A fun morning of Design Technology in Class 1!
We have had a great time, in Class 1, designing and making a book with moving pictures. We invited our Dads and Granddad's into school to help create our wonderful books. We were each given the choice to write a book about our favourite story or write a new story. The one rule was....each picture had to move in some way. We used our DT skills to make flaps, levers, spinners, puppets, pop ups and pockets. When we have finished with them we will be bringing them home but feel free to take a look at our books when you drop off in the mornings. A big thank you to all of our helpers who took time to come in and be part of our annual DT morning!