Orange Class

Good Afternoon Orange Class,

It's Thursday afternoon and I hope you are all ok, having lots of fun with your families?

In the Beswick household we have been enjoying the sun jogging and cycling. After tea we have been playing some board games and watching the Hobbit trilogy, (my son's favourite films) while we eat some homemade cookies!!

Thankyou to all who have sent me any photos it is great to see what you have been doing - they are now on this class web page. Check them out to see what your friends have been up to! 

Don't forget to login to 'Studyladder' for lots of varied activities across the curriculum. Well done to Zoe, Oscar, Luke, Freya, Alexander, George, Penny, Liz, Amelie, Isla, Walter and Emilie - I can see you are all working very hard. Remember to make sure you have fun outside as well especially while the sun is out. 

If you have anything you want to ask I will try to reply to your emails as soon as I can.

Take care and be safe, missing you all lots,

Mrs Beswick


Hello Orange Class,

I am writing this whilst sitting at my desk at home. The sun is shining and I have been outside already today to make sure that I get some exercise and fresh air with my daughter who is now home from college. It has been a very strange week, last week with most of you at school whilst I had to stay at home. I have been keeping fit doing my exercises to our 'popcorn' song that we use at school;
Yesterday my son, daughter and I played monopoly  (the Hobbit version) which was great fun and took about 2 hours, so by the time we were finished it was time for tea! Maybe you could dig out those old favourite board games and let me know what you have played.
This week has started well as I have read and seen some lovely pictures of things you have made which has made my day! I will load them up as often as I can.
Try the Twinkl website which has lots of activities, videos and other ideas to use whilst you are at home. All you need to do is to; type Twinkl into your search engine
then click on the ribbon at the top which is titled 'Home Learning Hub' and this will take you to lots of lovely activities covering all areas of the curriculum. It has certain activities which you can join in with at certain times of the day from PE, phonics to story time and apptime which are all free to access whilst you are home learning.
For a mixture of maths and english try;
The Cambridgeshire 'Learn Together' website has many activities for you to choose from covering maths, english and other areas of the curriculum, just click on the link below;
This will take you to a page with choices of subjects on the left hand side which you just need to click on to access. 
Try some of these websites for book stories read aloud; which is a website for free streaming of a huge range of stories whilst home learning.
Try the free login to the Collins reading books.
Click on (the link  is below)
Click on the teacher portal and enter.
Username -
Password - Parents20!
Then login. 
For support with spelling, 'Topmarks' website has some great games including one of Orange Class favourites, 'Karate cats'. Click on the link below;
Have a look at the links for some worksheets that I have added; for Y1, Y2 and some mixed which you can download and complete. Don't forget the 'Study ladder' website as well which still has lots of activities.
I have made a separate column with Easter activities in case you want to join in with some of the things that we would have done at school.
Enjoy being at home, carry on doing the exercise to keep your body healthy and complete the work to keep your brains healthy. Above all remember to have fun too. I am missing you all so take care,
Lots of Love 
Mrs Beswick
PS. Hot off the press - David Walliams has announced he will release an audio story from his World's Worst Children collection every day, live at 11am which will please the children as a lot of them love his stories. So just click on the link below and then follow the instructions to hear the story.
At school we are following the 'Song of sounds' phonics programme, so click on the link below to get the Stage 2 video and song that we use for Year 1;
You can also log into phonicsplay for free whilst you are home learning just click on the following link;
Then type in the following username and password;
Username: march20
Password: home
Year1 - phase 3 onwards
Year2 - phase 4 &5 onwards.
See separate PDF below with links to useful phonics and reading support websites.
More activities to be added so keep watching!
I thought I would put together some Easter activities as we would be doing some like these in school. Please let me know how you get on and keep sending in pictures of anything you make as I would love to see them all.
Times Tables;
I have now sent all parents an email with instructions, usernames and passwords for their children to login to Times Tables Rock Stars. This is free whilst we are home learning and below are the websites and the instructions again.

Go to for Numbots and for TTrockstars. Then enter these details;


School;   Barrington CofE Vc Primary School, Cambridge