Violet home learning 22nd June

Dear Parents,

We are busily trying to order and collect a great many resources for our existing EYFS outdoor area and developing a new outdoor area to extend continuous provision learning to KS1 children too. These areas will be extremely beneficial for EYFS and KS1 children returning to school in September more of their learning can be developed through creative, imaginative and purposeful activities outside far more often. A less formal way of teaching and learning in all subjects outside will be crucial for every child’s well- being after an exceedingly disruptive year and for many an extremely long time away from the school environment. Equally, while we all know COVID-19 will still be a present threat in September and beyond and schools will still have to adhere to restrictions, working outside would be beneficial to limit greater risk.
So we ask all of you to please check your own unwanted items that you all cleared-out during the many months of lockdown; contact any friends or family members who maybe working in industries that would use these e.g. construction, electricians, home renovations, cabling firms, DIY stores or you may know of contacts that we could call/email to ask if they have any of these? A collective effort from Barrington community would be highly effective to get enough resources in school to make September a very exciting month for our pupils.

If you have any questions or can offer any contacts please contact : Mrs Avant, Mrs Hayes or Mrs Beswick


Many thanks,

Mrs Avant, Mrs Hayes & Mrs Beswick

Good afternoon everyone,
Below you will see the google classroom video with instructions on how to access your child's assignments and how to send them back to the class teacher.
You will also have been sent an email from school with your child's username, password and class code. 
When you have entered your child's username and password, if you have a 'g mail' account already set up on your device, it will automatically default to your personal account and so may come back with an error message saying 'class cannot be found'.
If this happens, you will need to make sure that you have signed out of your personal account before your child will be able to see their class. If in doubt, when logging in, look to the top right hand side where there will be a symbol for your account and you can either log out here or add another account and then follow the instructions to log your child in.
Remember, we will endeavor to help if you need further assistance.
Mrs Beswick
Violet class code - mvvdval
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