Peacock Club

Peacock Club is our provision for before and after school care. The club is managed by Mrs Dulcie Cambridge, who also works as a Teaching Assistant in school.
You don't need to be a working parent to use the peacock club - lots of children come because they enjoy the activities!

The morning session runs from 7:30 to 8:45 am, afternoon sessions run from 3:25 to 6:00 pm.

We offer a safe, nurturing environment for all children from reception up to year 6. We offer specific activities in most of the afternoon sessions eg craft and cookery.

The cost of Peacock Club is:

  • Morning session: £6.00 per child 
  • Afternoon session until 5pm £7.00 per child - Full session until 6pm: £9.75 per child.
  • Part session - either before or after an after school club: £7.00 per child.
There are lots of games and activities on offer every night and weather permitting we go outside for a while. Some nights we also organise special activities-
Mon - movies
Tuesdays - craft 
Wednesday - iPads
Thursdays - Cooking (£1.50 extra to cover the cost of the ingredients and you are able to take your creations home!) 
Friday - free play

We organise one special event every half term - so lookout for movie nights, parties, sleepovers and in the summer, camp fire nights.

The Peacock Club can be contacted by emailing Dulcie Cambridge- please email Mrs Cambridge if you are interested in using the club.


The Peacock Club was originally named after Bob the peacock from Barrington Hall who liked to spend a lot of time in our school grounds!