Sports Premium Funding

Sports Premium Funding

The Government currently allocates extra funding to schools in the form of the Sports Premium Grant. This grant is designed to build upon the work started during the London 2012 Olympics in promoting sporting participation to primary school children.

This money is designed to be used to improve the delivery and quality of physical education provision within primary schools and to increase children’s participation in sporting events, and comes with certain guidelines. However each school has been given responsibility for deciding how the grant is specifically spent, in order to address their specific needs.

The amount of grant received is calculated based upon the number of pupils in Years 1-6 and those aged 5 in the Foundation Stage at the time of the annual January census. 
Each child at Barrington Primary School is entitled to 2 hours of physical education teaching a week. To ensure the quality of teaching we provide our children is of a suitably high standard, we  employ a qualified sports coach, Mr Johnny Herd, to deliver the children’s PE sessions each week. Part of our Sport Premium is used each year to ensure that his professional development is up to date.

We are also keen to use this funding to increase our participation in sporting competitions. We subscribed to the gold level package with the South Cambridgeshire School Sports Partnership (SCSSP) providing us with opportunities to take part in a number of competitions across a range of sports. We have also worked alongside other local primary schools to arrange both friendly and league-based sporting fixtures, providing opportunities for a greater range of children to represent our school as part of a sports team. As our participation in sporting events increases, some of the Sports Premium Funding is required to be used in order to assist in transporting our children to and from these competitions, thus allowing our children to participate in sporting opportunities which may not otherwise be affordable. This package also includes top - up swimming lessons for children in Y6 who need extra support with swimming.

We are also keen to ensure that children at Barrington Primary School receive a wide range of sporting opportunities both in school and as part of the after school and lunchtime activities which we offer. Through our SCSSP participation, all of our Year 4 children will get to take part in the Year 4 Mini Olympics in the Summer Term alongside primary schools from across the country. We also receive Bikeability support for our oldest children to improve upon their cycling proficiency. We offer a wide range of sports-based after school clubs for our children which have a good uptake amongst our children. In order to ensure that these clubs meet the needs and interests of our children, we engage in regular dialogue with both parents and pupils and change the range of activities we offer accordingly.
In addition to the sports competitions that are organised externally we have started to organise inter school events locally for our KS1 pupils so that they can use the skills they have been learning in P.E. lessons competitively against two other local schools.
A breakdown of how this funding was spent for the previous year and our plan for current year can be found by clicking on the links below: