Volunteering at our school


If you would like to volunteer to help in our school please speak to your child's class teacher or contact either Julia Lindley in school office (office@barrington.cambs.sch.uk) or Gill Davies (head@barrington.cambs.sch.uk).


Information for Current Volunteers 


Thank you for the support you give to our school. Your help makes a huge contribution to the quality of school experience our children enjoy every day.


These guidance notes have been produced to support helpers who work in our school. We hope the information will make you more confident and comfortable when you come into school.


Helping in class

Most parents experience of working in school starts with helping out in their child's class. Helping in school builds and reinforces the relationship between home and school. Most parents try to help in some way when their child first starts school, only to find that they are unable to help when they are older. This is just when we need your help! If you are able to give some time to working with older children, please contact us.


It is not our intention to put you off working with children in our school but as I'm sure you appreciate, it is important that we raise your awareness on issues such as confidentiality and child welfare.


Helpers in school and legal duties

In any work with children, at school, parent helpers accept a duty of care. However, when teachers welcome parents, students and helpers into our school we accept that staff must take reasonable steps to ensure that helpers take care of children's safety.

  • You will always be working under the supervision of the class teacher and other adults working in school and will not be left in sole charge of children.
  • We ask prospective volunteers to familiarise themselves with our Safeguarding Children Policy.
  • If you are able to offer regular help we will provide you with a DBS (disclosure and barring service) check.
  • We will ask you to complete the volunteer form below in order to obtain your contact details and request two references. 

First Aid

There are children in school with a range of allergies and medical conditions. In the case of children with nut allergies, all staff are trained in the use of an Epi-pen.

In an emergency, please seek the help of a member of staff immediately! Anaphylactic shock must be treated urgently.

You should not administer any first aid or medication.



Whilst you are working in school you may become aware of confidential information about our children. Confidentiality is vital to building trust between parents, staff and children. Confidentiality protects you, it protects the child and their family; it gives peace of mind to all parents and it also maintains the professionalism of the school. Please respect this.

It is unacceptable to discuss anything relating to individual members of staff or children outside school.



When you arrive at school, please sign in at the school office, noting your time of arrival. We need to know who is on our site in the event of an incident, such as fire practice. You will be issued with a badge to wear during your time in our school. Please return all badges and sign out when you leave at the end of your visit.


Mobile Phones

We request that volunteers do not use mobile phones in the school building/grounds. Mobile phones must never be used to take photographs in the school building or grounds, unless it is a special occasion such as Christmas Performances or Sports Day. In this instance parents must agree they are for their own private use and they must agree not to publish these photos on any website/ social networking site. We very much appreciate your support in implementing this policy in order to keep your children/ our pupils safe.


Fire Safety

In the event of fire, evacuation procedures are displayed in the classrooms and in prominent positions around the school. Please make yourself familiar with these.

In the case of a fire or fire drill the muster point is the school field.


When you are in school the children will be expected to treat you as a member of staff. Please expect and accept only the highest standards of behaviour from them.


Once again, thank you for helping us – we very much hope that you will enjoy the experience!