Yellow Class

Dear all Parents,
Welcome to a new Summer term in Yellow Class. 
We hope you have all had a very restful Easter holidays and are ready for a fun but busy term ahead!
We have lots of resources and videos relating to our various topics on google classroom so please check them out.
Below you will find the summer curriculum letter that was sent recently and also the yearly long term plan. Just click on the link to download.
Mrs Beswick & Mrs Kershaw
Phonics in Yellow Class;
Below you will find phonics phoneme finders, tricky words and links to the songs that we use in school.
We are now 2/3 the way though the Year 2 phonics curriculum. At this stage the daily lessons change focus to grammar as well as spelling of tricky words. We also recap daily all of the sounds from earlier in the year. Please help your child by continuing to practice their phonics that they have already learned previously in Year 1 and Year 2. This invaluable support you give them by continuing to read every day and encouraging them to write will help them progress to become better readers and writers.
Song of sounds pictures and songs together for all children to practice their phonics in Year 2 and recapping the Year 1, just click on the links below.
Thankyou, Mrs Beswick & Mrs Kershaw
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You must consent to the use of advertising cookies to allow this YouTube video to show.
Google Classroom access instructions from Mrs Beswick:
Below you will see the google classroom video with instructions on how to access your child's assignments and how to send them back to the class teacher.
You will also be sent an email from school with your child's username and intake number (the year they started at Barrington; 19 or 20), password and class code which is djm4bla.
When you have entered your child's username and password, if you have a 'g mail' account already set up on your device, it will automatically default to your personal account and so may come back with an error message saying 'class cannot be found'.
If this happens, you will need to make sure that you have signed out of your personal account before your child will be able to see their class. If in doubt, when logging in, look to the top right hand side where there will be a symbol for your account and you can either log out here or add another account and then follow the instructions to log your child in.
Remember, if you have any issues please get in touch and we will help as soon as we can.
Mrs Beswick
Letterjoin is our scheme of learning that we use teach handwriting. There are lots of fantastic resources on here and I have attached the login and  instructions for you to join. Last year we had individual logins but we have moved to one login for everyone this year. We have been focusing on caterpillar letters this week, so why not see what your child can show you they can do!
Mrs Beswick
Below are some websites that would be useful for your child when practicing various maths essential skills such as times tables, place value and number. Just click on the link and have fun! 
These are also on the class google page.