The School Day

The School Day
8.45 am – Doors open (Early morning activities begin)
8.55 am – Children should be in classes
9.00 am – Registration CLOSES
10.25 am – Morning break until 10.45 am
12.00pm – Lunch break starts for KS1
12.10 pm - Lunch break starts for KS2
1.10pm - Afternoon registration
1.15 pm – Lessons begin
3.25 pm – End of school day

At the end of the school day

Children from Red, Orange and Yellow Classes should be collected by their parents directly from the classroom external door that leads onto the KS1 outdoor learning area. Please make sure that the teacher is able to spot you – often a wave helps.

Blue and Violet Classes will be dismissed by their teacher from the classroom and the teacher will then go to the playground to support any children who are not collected.

In unexpected circumstances, if you know that you are going to be late, please inform the School Office so that we can hold onto your child safely in school.

Punctuality is very important.
Please make sure that your child is in school for the doors to open at 8.45 am. All pupils participate in reading or maths activities from 8.45am until 9.00am. Missing these sessions could cause your child to fall behind their friends and make them more reluctant to come to school, so please help

Parents and children arriving at school after 9.00 am should sign in at the office, for fire safety.
If your child arrives after 9.00 am the registers will be closed and this will be counted as an unauthorised absence.

Did you know that missing 20 minutes of school every week adds up to over 11 hours or nearly 3 whole days’ worth of lessons over the year?

Can your child afford to miss this much school?