10th October - Mental Health Awareness Day

10th October 2023

October 10th was World Metal Health Awareness Day and we marked the day in school with some activities organised by the children in the Ministry of Well-being.  This year’s theme is community kindness and the ministry led an assembly to remind all of the children of all the ways they can support their mental health. They also set two challenges for the children in school. One challenge was called “kindness bingo” and the children were challenged to tick off as many different people they could help over the week at home and in school (older people, younger people, neighbours, friends, animals and many more!). They have been challenged to see how many kind tasks they can tick on their kindness bingo card. The other challenge was a competition to design a poster to promote kindness. The children in the Ministry of Well-being will judge the winners and the posters will be displayed around the school.