Cambridge Museum's mini-museum project

26th January 2023
At the start of February two historians joined us from the museum for two days. Over the two days they ran four workshop sessions and every family was invited into school so that parents, grandparents and family members had the chance to work with their children. The sessions all started by thinking about what makes a museum and looking at some of the artefacts from the Cambridge museum that tell us about how people from Cambridgeshire lived in the past. Then the children were given a little wooden box with a Perspex front to make their own mini museum of what they love most about Cambridgeshire. They were told to think of a place, activity or objects that they could make from coloured clay and art materials to form their exhibit. It was fascinating what the children chose; we had several swimming pools, football pitches and Duxford Museums; Wimpole Hall, the school and Barrington village shop also featured in a few, along with a collection of different animals and wildlife.