Young Voices Concert at the O2 2023

24th January 2023

January is always a special month for the school choir as we take part in the Young Voices concert at the O2 arena. Under the supervision of Mrs McGregor, the choir have been learning a set of songs, complete with dance moves, for several months. Other children across the country will have been working in their schools to learn the same songs. Young Voices then hold a series of amazing concerts at different large arena venues across the country so that the children can form large massed choirs and perform together. We travel to London in the morning, rehearse in the afternoon and then perform in a choir of  9,099 children, with many of the parents of the children in the choir making the journey to be in the audience. It is one of my personal highlights of the year. It is very special to hear the sound made by that number of children singing their hearts out and enjoying music.