Coronation Piano back Sewing Cafe's For All project

14th July 2023
Coronation Inspired Cafe's For All Sewing Project
This week we had the 4 Cafe's For All sewing sessions in order to make a new backing for our piano. For the new backing we used King Charles' love of plants and gardens as inspiration. The children were in the 4 houses, there were circle shapes from a variety of different materials, coloured tapestry thread and buttons. With the support of family members, many of the children who had not sewn before, were able to make the most amazing and beautiful applique flowers. The flowers are all different and totally unique. The flowers will be attached to a blue backing and attached to the back of the piano in the Autumn term. We have had such a lovely, calm couple of days with fabulous comments from the parents and pupils alike. I loved organising it all and it would not have been possible without the help of all the families that came, enjoying being creative and making the flowers that will be here for all to see every assembly.
Mrs Beswick