The Jungle Book

16th March 2023
This month we had our annual visit from M and M Productions theatre group, who performed The Jungle Book for the whole school. M and M Productions have been visiting us for many years; they specialise in providing live theatre for schools and always arrive with incredible sets and scenery and wonderful costumes. They concentrate on staging productions of classic stories from children’s literature and their visits help us to ensure that all our children have the opportunity to see live theatre, especially in the current financially challenging times.  For a generation who are so used to watching everything on a screen in a polished final version, the opportunity to see live theatre, interact with the actors and use their imagination while they are watching the show, is a great experience. Recent research also suggests that watching live theatre can help children to develop the ability to empathise with others; our world would definitely be a better place if more people developed this skill in primary school!