Year 3/4 Production

29th March 2023
This year we are lucky enough to have a specialist drama teacher working with us in school. Tim Clarke teaches at St John’s College School in Cambridge and is spending a morning a week with us, working with each class in turn. Last half term, he was working with our Y3/4 children in Blue Class and helped them to put on a production the week before we ended school for the Easter holiday. The Bumblesnouts Save the World, is the musical story of aliens who visit Earth and point out all the things people should be doing to look after their planet; complete with yummy mummies in gas guzzling cars and punk rockers with graffiti spray cans. All of the children in Blue Class took part and they all played multiple characters. The performances they put on for the school and their parents were spectacular; they sang with enthusiasm and spoke with such confidence – it was a real pleasure to watch.