End of term celebration

16th December 2022

At the start of every term, with the children’s help, we choose three possible end of term celebrations. Throughout the term, whenever we want to recognise great work, outstanding effort or good behaviour, we give the children a voting token and they are able to vote for the end of term celebration that they would like most. The more tokens they earn, the more votes they get. This term they were choosing between being able to come to school in their pyjamas, and watch a film while eating popcorn, doing some Christmas baking or watching a pantomime. This term we had a draw in the voting so the children were extra lucky – we spent the last Friday of term coming to school in our pyjamas (with thermals underneath as it was during that really cold weather!), watching a film and eating popcorn in the morning and after lunch we had a visit from Divergent Drama who performed the pantomime, Jack and the Beanstalk for the whole school. It was a really fun day but there is something slightly surreal as an adult about standing in front of a school full of children wearing your pyjamas – even when they are your best pyjamas!