Magician visit to school

16th January 2023

Writing is one of the hardest skills that we teach children in school– it is easy as an adult to forget how many different aspects of writing you need to think about at the same time. For most adults, many of the skills needed to write have become automatic, leaving us to think about just the content of what we want to write. However young children still need to think about how to form each letter and then join it to the next, how to spell the word they are writing, while remembering where that word comes in the sentence they are trying to record and which word to write next! Very quickly we expect them to write more than one sentence, link these sentences together and include simple punctuation – there is such a lot for the children to think about!

The challenges involved in learning to write can make writing feel daunting for many children and this year we have a programme of events in place to provide engaging, fun and purposeful writing activities.

This month we have a professional magician visiting school for a morning. He will spend time with each class, giving them a mini magic show and will then teach each class a different magic trick. The children will then try and write instructions that they can give to the other classes to teach the rest of the school their magic trick. Hopefully a fun and purposeful way of writing instructions!