Cambridge Standing Tall

6th November 2023

If you have walked past the old school building recently, you may have been surprised to see a large blue giraffe!  You may remember that the school took part in the Cows about Cambridge festival a few years ago and decorated a cow that went on display in the city as part of a trail of over one hundred cows. The organisation who organised the parade of cows, have a new project, Cambridge Standing Tall and this time the city will be filled with model giraffes.  We are taking part again and have as fibre glass giraffe in school ready to decorate.  So that we can include all of the children, we held a whole school competition to create designs of how to decorate our giraffe and chose ideas from seven different entries to put together to make our final design. We are still in the middle of completing the art work on our giraffe, but by the time this magazine is printed, our finished giraffe will be part of the herd of giraffes waiting to be put on display in Cambridge during the spring.