JTA banner competition

1st November 2023

We have new Junior Travel Ambassadors appointed from among our Y5 children this year. They will work with the road safety team to run a series of activities and competitions for the children in school to promote safe and sustainable travel. They have started by working on two challenges;  firstly, they have the annual campaign to remind the children of the importance of wearing bright or reflective clothing as the dark winter evening approach.  They also have a new challenge as we have noticed a worrying number of parents cutting through the car park with the children on the way in or out of school – this is despite staff cars moving  in and out of the car park at these times. The JTAs have the challenge of finding a way to remind the adults and children alike that the pedestrian gates are far safer when you are on foot!


The winning banner designs have been printed and hung outside the school gates to remind us all which  gates to use.

The winning designs!